BINS®, Bulk Inventory Networking System, is our patented process of remote monitoring of dry bulk commodities. This hardware and software approach, developed in-house allows us to successfully monitor, order product and conduct the transportation of critical bulk commodities for major manufacturers, processors, and utilizes throughout the northeast region.

Charts depicting current inventory levels and 24-hour usage trends are available online for all F.T. Silfies and J.P. Donmoyer, Inc. BINS® Bulk Networking System customers. Readings are posted to this website at hourly intervals. To view your company’s data, a User ID and Password is required. To obtain access, please contact Dennis Houser at 1-800-428-5577 Ext 3000 or via email at If you wish to view the sample charts, a User ID and Password is also necessary. Please follow the aforementioned contact information to obtain the ID and Password.